“Merry Little Christmas” From The Freeman Brothers Band
November 21, 2020
Christmas Classics From Florin Clonta & Davor Jordanvoski
December 2, 2020

Guitar sensation Kire Najdovski is the driving force behind his namesake band, the “Kire Najdovski Band – KNB” and they have just released their second studio album “Wish”. Joined by bandmates Don Torpy on bass and Emmett Lentilucci on drums “Wish” is a surprising and innovative album which includes a variety of energetic guitar-driven tracks. Recorded during the pandemic shut down, the official video for the opening track “Catch Me If You Can” features each band member performing in isolation. Keyboards, mixing, and mastering provided by Davor Jordanovski. Be sure to watch below and don’t forget to listen to “Wish” here.