December 19, 2019
Rob Tardik
March 29, 2020


Vasil was born and raised in Macedonia and has been in the music world since the age of 7. Now 33 and having lived over two decades in Chicago, Milano, Toronto, & London, he is finally back home and focusing on a solo career, embracing the roots of his country to share with the world.

His 25-year music journey is quite diverse – from a child pop star to a member and soloist for the Chicago Children’s Choir, to over 50 roles as a leading baritone opera singer, to back up vocals to some of the world’s greatest artists. Vasil was chosen to represent North Macedonia at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Whenever words fail – Vasil just sings.

“Music is my way of life. I haven’t had the easiest path so far. Every time I was to step out into the spotlight, life put up a big wall in front of me. I want to sing so that I can share my truth & story with as many people through the power of my voice.”

Photos of Vasil

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