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Romanian born alto saxophonist Florin Clonta began his musical journey at a young age being actively involved in the school musical activities. After spending his earlier years playing several instruments in a local teen marching band, his love for music picked up significantly at age 14 when his parents bought him a saxophone… and was nothing but a fascinating journey ever since. The joy derived from playing it over the years, some musical influences, the satisfaction of live performances combined with the affinity for saxophone music in general were all hints of the path he should indeed follow. Although he was raised in a small city (Orastie, somewhere in Transylvania) and grew up in a family with no musical tradition, Florin kept pursuing his vocation one step at a time encouraged by his parents.

Upon music high school graduation, the growing desire to take music to a higher level led him to Gheorghe Dima Music Academy in Cluj Napoca, one of Romania’s most reputable music conservatories from which he earned a Bachelor of Music degree in music pedagogy. And yet, with many years of music education ”under his belt”, the saxophone was never an instrument Florin had officially studied! During university years, Florin was part of many local bands and orchestras; playing mainly romanian folk music, he had the tremendous opportunity to travel and perform in Europe and North America alongside other musicians and artists gaining more and more musical experience.

After completing his musical studies successfully, adventurous, determined, open-minded, looking for different musical influences and ready to embrace new
challenges Florin has decided to make Canada his home. Thus, January 2008 finds a 26 years old idealist arriving in Toronto, Ontario by oneself, starting a new and exciting chapter in his life. Although the first years were full of compromises, Florin kept following the music path. He’s now a versatile saxophone player with an active performing schedule and a growing reputation. Furthermore, in 2018 Florin delivered his first solo album SAXOFLONE, an amalgam of classic and modern tunes, smooth jazz and pop music.

In a career that spans two decades alto saxophonist Florin Clonta has shared the stage with numerous musicians, had successful collaborations and projects as he continues to be an artist who knows no bounds, a dedicated musician and passionate saxophone player who captivates audiences with his music and stirring performances.

Photos of Florin Clonta

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